Restoration of the Historic Citrus Grove at Highlands Hammock State Park

   July 23, 2020    

A restoration project by the Friends of Highlands Hammock State Park culminated recently in the planting of 102 heirloom citrus trees in the park’s historic orange grove. Highlands Hammock State Park opened in 1931, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018. HHSP, Citizen Support Organization members, and volunteers restored the grove, once inhabited by the Eilands in the late 19th century. Design and spacing of the trees mimicked the groves of this time period. This project began more than three years ago with the identification, collection, and maturation of existing seedlings now scattered throughout the park. Lykes’ John Gose cared for the seedlings in our Citrus Nursery, and the company donated tree nets and equipment.

Photos by John Gose
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