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Corporate Responsibility
& Sustainability Policy

Sustaining Balance

Lykes Bros. Inc. has adopted the following definition of sustainability which guides our work: "Sustainability is about living and working in ways that balance and integrate existing environmental, economic and social needs while enhancing the well-being of future generations."

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Land Stewardship

The company has a proven track record of responsible land stewardship and is committed to maintaining the balance between economic, environmental and social responsibilities for property it owns or manages.

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Health and Safety

Lykes Bros. Inc. has the utmost respect for its employees and is committed to fostering an atmosphere that promotes the health and wellbeing of its employees. The company will strive to manage workplace health and safety risks at every level, with the goal of reducing or eliminating risks.

Lykes Bros family
Lykes Bros family

Community Involvement

Lykes Bros. Inc. commitment to the communities in which we operate has been instrumental in our long-term success. The company will continue to support, financially and in active participation, community groups and organizations that foster a healthier community.


The long-term success of Lykes Bros. Inc. has been built upon consistent profits and sustainable business operations. In order to be sustainable, we must be profitable. We aspire for each business unit and the company as a whole to be consistently profitable and provide a competitive return on investment.