Orlando Sentinel: Lykes Insurance CEO says consumer market strong

   January 25, 2016    

By: Marco Santana, Contact Reporter
Orlando Sentinel

On Jan. 1, the 54-year-old became the 91-year-old firm's CEO after John Brabson retired. The company has provided insurance for meat-packing plants, citrus operations and steam ships. 

There is a lot of capital out there. So a lot of insurance companies are looking to get some market share, and that makes pricing competitive. Well, we do insurance for everybody. But for businesses budgeting insurance, due to a lack of storms and a lack of major catastrophic events, insurance pricing has not gone up in the past few years. The world of insurance pricing has been relatively flat. The industry has been in very good shape, the best it's been in probably 15 years. What that means to insurance companies is they are underwriting risk where they should be. There is not a lot of outside influence.

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