About EcoAsset Solutions

Lykes Ecoasset Solutions

Formed in 2008, EcoAsset Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lykes Bros. Inc., has worked in the areas of environmental sustainability analysis, advisory and management services for the public and private sectors. The company has had many successful projects for clients ranging from a large publicly traded corporation to state, local and regional governmental authorities.

Through its consulting experience, EcoAsset Solutions recognized the tremendous need for financial services aimed at solving the problem of high upfront costs for property improvements that result in safe and more efficient buildings in Florida. Today, EcoAsset Solutions is 100% dedicated to solving that upfront cost problem through its participation in a specialty financial services business known as Ygrene Energy Fund Florida (Ygrene).

Ygrene allows eligible property owners to finance 100% of the upfront costs for property improvements aimed at hurricane strengthening, energy efficiency, renewable power and/or water conservation.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ygrene.