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Founded by Dr. Howell Tyson Lykes and his seven sons in 1900, Lykes Bros. Inc. is dedicated to conducting business with integrity, responsibility, and competence. Our success is dependent upon creating value through hard work, ethical business practices, and the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We are known for our spirit of cooperation, our appreciation for each employee's efforts and ideas, and our enthusiasm to meet the challenges of the future without compromising our integrity.

These fundamentals have been the cornerstone of the company's philosophy. After a century of prosperous growth and profound change, the company is still guided by the basic principles upon which it was founded; hard work, honesty, integrity, and family values.

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Our Companies

  • Lykes Ranch

    Lykes Ranch

    Located in Glades and Highlands Counties, spreads out on 337,000 acres on one of the largest contiguous pieces of land in the state.

  • Lykes Citrus

    Lykes Citrus

    Part of its extensive land holdings and agricultural businesses, operates Florida's second largest orange citrus groves.

  • Lykes Insurance Inc.

    Lykes Insurance

    Founded in 1925 by Lykes Bros. Inc., a 100 year old privately held Florida based company.



Lykes Brothers Founders

Founded by Dr. Howell Tyson Lykes and sons in 1900, Lykes Bros. Inc. has a solid heritage and strong history upon which to stand. In the 1870s, Dr. Lykes gave up the practice of medicine to take over his family's 500-acre farm in rural Hernando County, where he engaged in citrus growing and cattle ranching, including the export of cattle to Cuba.

Dr. Lykes moved his family to Tampa in 1895 to focus on the cattle trade and launch his seven sons into the business world. In 1900 the older boys opened an office in Havana, Cuba, doing business as Lykes Brothers. All of the brothers eventually joined the family operations and to this day the company remains a privately held, family-managed business that focuses its efforts on agriculture, including citrus, cattle ranching, forestry and sugar cane; sustainability management and consulting; insurance and land investment.

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